Dev Log - Oct.20.2021

You gotta start somewhere..... Simple page, simple update, but the first of many.

I've always wanted to make games, video-games generally. I'd had the pleasure to noodle around with the Unreal engine since before it had a number at the end, but back then it was still the domain of pointer-math, all the little in's and out's on a given processor to claw back performance. Given I was still learning ABOUT computers at the time, it was a bit much to absorb for me and I stuck to level-creation, CAD-type stuff. Coding, while I could do it, required too much time for me back then.

However, nowadays, UE4 is offering this nifty visual scripting language called Blueprints. For me, being a visual type person, being able to follow a white line for execution vs jumping around a page of text, I can pick it up in a matter of seconds vs grinding away over finding function-ref A, reading it, then back to the main(), etc. BP's as they are referred to has made the coding part much more accessible and really, doable from an indie-dev point of view.

To that end, I've been picking away at things, learning various parts of the engine and feel I have enough ability to warrant be stepping into the pool as it were. SO! Be forewarned, this space shall fill with the fruits of my efforts, my musings on the game(s) in general, likely surveys for input, tutorials, etc. I tend to write more vs videos, but I'll be sure to throw some of those up as well.